Defense Use cases

Border Security

Elevate your base and border security with Strix systems, offering military-grade universal drone docking stations tailored use in critical locations. As drone technology continues to advance, Strix systems seamlessly integrate with both current UAS and future capabilities, ensuring future-proof remote operation capability for any location.

Deployed today, Strix systems provide forces with versatile capabilities designed for remote surveillance and monitoring, along with seamless integration into existing command and control systems for enhanced security applications. The Strix family of systems offers secure storage and charging for UAS, alongside options for data offload and storage, empowering your security operations with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness. Protect your borders and bases with confidence using Strix solutions.

Base Security

In the realm of secure delivery services, drones are at the forefront of a revolutionary transformation, offering a trifecta of speed, discretion, and security when it comes to transporting parcels. his is where strix solution step in as the ultimate solution, providing swift and reliable transport while maintaining the highest levels of security. At the heart of Strix’s secure delivery systems lies advanced encryption and GPS tracking technology.

Each parcel is securely encrypted, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential throughout its journey. The complete secure systems offered include a range of integrated services tailored to various industries. Whether it’s medical supplies, spare parts for machinery, or any other light deliveries, Strix has the solution.

Tactical & Mobile

In military operations, drones are indispensable assets, providing critical support to tactical and special operations units worldwide. Equipped with advanced sensors and cameras, drones deliver real-time intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities, enhancing operational effectiveness and situational awareness on the battlefield.

Enter Strix mobile solutions, tailored specifically for military applications. These solutions revolutionize drone deployment by ensuring uninterrupted readiness and charging capability for UAS. By eliminating the need for additional personnel to manage battery charging and swaps in challenging field conditions, Strix mobile solutions streamline military operations, conserving valuable time and resources.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with and drone and off-road military vehicles, Strix mobile solutions empower soldiers to leverage drone technology in any environment, ensuring mission success even in contested areas.