A Look at StrixDrones’ New US-Made Drone Docking System

The first units of StrixDrone’s DroneDock drone airport rolled off the assembly line in Dayton, Ohio in June

Israeli company launches drone airport manufacturing in Dayton

Niv Aharoni is the founder and CEO of StrixDrones and the groundbreaking drone docking station called DroneDock.

Drones bearing parcels deliver big carbon savings

Via Air Mail: Israel Launches Drop-Off Points For Drones

Customers will receive text message to collect parcels from secure mailboxes

סקירת AUS&R 2022 – מובילים את המהפכה הבלתי מאוישת

במרכזו של כנס ה-AUS&R 2022, עמדו הפיתוחים הכי חדשניים של כלים בלתי מאוישים, הצגות של מערכות חדשות ומרתקות, שיח על רובוטיקה, תחבורה חכמה, העתיד של הטכנולוגיה ועוד.

Strix Drones eyes manufacturing, innovation in Dayton area

Company expects 10 to 12 workers in first year

Israel-based drone company to launch Dayton area manufacturing center

Israel-based Strix Drones is bringing manufacturing of the first autonomous drone docking station to the Dayton region.

Strix Drones: Drone Agnostic Docking Stations for Advanced Operations

Israeli company Strix Drones plans to begin manufacturing drone agnostic docking stations at its new plant in Dayton, Ohio by the end of this year.