Defense solutions

Designed to eliminate the challenges faced by the warfighter, the Strix family of universal docking stations ensures readiness for mobile units as well as autonomous base protection systems. Our technology fulfills the promise of unmanned systems by enabling autonomous capabilities and ensuring persistent readiness.

Use cases

STRIX 2100

The Strix 2100 is the only universal system designed for large drones and  eVTOL aircraft.  Rapidly integrate any aircraft into Strix systems for charging, data offload and precision landing.

STRIX 1200

The STRIX 1200 is the only system with a universal,modular-designed landing pad that can integrate with any commercial or military drone. The system can be mounted on the ground or on top of a vehicle and supports a “hive” mode where multiple units can be placed in a swarm.


Designed to counter short range small missile and Group 1-3 UAS threats, the DFNDR system offers an open architecture approach to air defense.

With the flexibility to integrate high-speed attack drones and optional munitions payloads, it provides a cost-effective enhancement to your existing air defense capabilities.



Our docking stations work with all drones and seamlessly integrate with your current fleet. There will be no need to upgrade as newer models of drones are added or purchased.


Once the mission details are transmitted to the drone, it is capable of launching itself, completing the mission, and returning to the docking station without any further human oversite.


Strix stretches the boundaries of your drone activities. By deploying a chain of integrated docking stations, the range of your drone fleet can be significantly increased.

Universal landing pad allows for any drone type or model

Internal climate monitoring sensors for optimal charging

Built with high-quality Aluminum and Composite Materials

Smart charging to connect and charge any drone battery system

 Suitable for any environment

Military grade

 Smart Battery management

Airspace Data management