Introducing StrixDrones’ groundbreaking innovation: the patent-pending DroneDrop, a secure and versatile drone delivery solution that is revolutionizing the way packages are transported. Strix’s commitment to innovation and efficiency shines through in the design of DroneDrop, offering a seamless and secure delivery experience like never before.

With DroneDrop, Strix has created a solution that is truly drone agnostic, welcoming drones of any kind, including cutting-edge eVTOL models, to join in the delivery revolution. You can create a network of DroneDrop stations, each equipped with sealed compartments, becomes the hub for drones to securely deliver and retrieve packages. Here, they not only complete their delivery tasks but also recharge their batteries, ensuring they are always ready for the next mission.


The DroneDrop is more than just a delivery system; it’s a comprehensive solution. In addition to the secure stations, the full delivery solution can also include the Strix 2100, a universal drone docking station that acts as the central intelligence for the entire network. This intelligent system seamlessly connects and communicates with any drone command-and-control software, ensuring smooth operations and precise deliveries.

At the heart of DroneDrop’s efficiency is its landing pad, equipped with a novel universal charging system. This innovative feature allows for the receipt of packages in multiple ways – a drone can either lower the package on a cable with precision or release it onto the pad while hovering above, showcasing the system’s adaptability and versatility.

Key features and functionality

Automated Notification

The DroneDrop secure delivery system
operates entirely on automation,
ensuring seamless delivery experiences.
Receive instant notifications when your
package has safely arrived at the nearest
DroneDrop station.

Privacy-Preserving Convenience

DroneDrop offers consumers
the convenience of immediate
drone delivery without compromising
on privacy.
Experience the ease of receiving
packages at your doorstep without any intrusive steps.

Versatile Deployment

Whether in bustling urban centers or
tranquil suburban settings, DroneDrop
can be easily deployed. Its advanced drone
recharging capability extends the
range of package delivery, making it
suitable for cities of any size.




Our docking stations work with all drones and seamlessly integrate with your current fleet. There will be no need to upgrade as newer models of drones are added or purchased.


Once the mission details are transmitted to the drone, it is capable of launching itself, completing the mission, and returning to the docking station without any further human oversite.


Strix stretches the boundaries of your drone activities. By deploying a chain of integrated docking stations, the range of your drone fleet can be significantly increased.

Universal landing pad allows for any drone type or model

Internal climate monitoring sensors for optimal charging

Built with high-quality Aluminum and Composite Materials

centralized mechanism for charging any drone type or model

 Suitable for any environment

 Smart Battery management

Airspace Data management