STRIX 2100

The Strix 2100 is a universal drone docking station designed for large drones (7 ft. Tip to tip) including eVTOL drones. the solution seamlessly integrates with all drone types and provides them with a safe and secure place to land, shelter, recharge, and download data. The Strix 2100 including an open API for integration with command and control centers handling both military, public safety and first responders offering them extended range, operational savings and universal deployment.

Key features and functionality

Universal Compatibility

A broad landing pad is suitable for a variety
of drone sizes and models, as well as eVTOL.

Smart Charging

Custom software identifies the type of
drone and adapts the charger to the specific
drone foroptimal charging and efficiency.

Internal Climate Control

A covered and monitored charging
chamber provides an ideal climate-controlled
environment and enables optimal charging
of the drone’s battery.

Rotational ring mechanism

Rotational ring mechanism is present to
point an eVTOL to its desired flight direction.

Telemetric Weather

Each station uses an external telemetric
weather system to report wind and rain conditions.
Operators can then decide the best time
to engage the drone for its next mission.

Real-Time Alert

A system that keeps drones safe and
protected by automatically notifying the
pilot of adverse weather and system failures.

Multi-Station Connection

API allows for compatibility with any
drone command and connection
to multiple DroneDocks, giving the
client access to a chain or web of Strix
docking stations to extend the range
and productivity of its drone fleet.




Our docking stations work with all drones and seamlessly integrate with your current fleet.  There will be no need to upgrade as newer models of drones are added or purchased.


Once the mission details are transmitted to the drone, it is capable of launching itself, completing the mission, and returning to the docking station without any further human oversite.


Strix stretches the boundaries of your drone activities. By deploying a chain of integrated docking stations, the range of your drone fleet can be significantly increased.

Universal landing pad allows for any drone type or model

Internal climate monitoring sensors for optimal charging

Built with high-quality Aluminum and Composite Materials

centralized mechanism for charging any drone type or model

 Suitable for any environment

Military grade

 Smart Battery management

Airspace Data management