The Future of Drone Docking is Here

StrixDrones is a global industry leader in drone docking technology and drone delivery servicing both the commercial and defense sectors.

The highly advanced StrixDrones Docking Station seamlessly integrates with all
drones and provides them with a safe and secure place to land, shelter, recharge, and
download data, enabling them to move forward and accomplish missions without the
need for a manual operator.

Unlike other docking systems, the Strix Docking Station, developed by an in-house
research and development lab, is the only one with a universal, modular-designed
landing pad so that any drone or EVTOL from any manufacturer can land without
special adjustments.

Created by software and hardware experts with vast civilian and military backgrounds
in drone technology to solve problems experienced by other drone docking stations.
StrixDrones has the solutions and features customers want but have not had access to
before now.